A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Scent for Your Candle Refills

A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Scent for Your Candle Refills

Here at Great House Farm Stores we believe that the scent you burn has a real impact on how you feel. Why? Because scent is so powerful! 

We wrote more about the power of scent here but, in short, the way our bodies are wired means scent is a really effective way to communicate with your brain, ultimately having a very felt impact on your whole body. 

Because of this, we don’t like to focus simply on choosing a candle, or candle refill, based on which scent you like. But, rather, which scent do you need?

We talk about Home Scent Practice a lot, which is, in essence, the art of learning which scents you connect with and then using them to aid you in the busyness and overwhelm of life. 

Scent is a powerful part of your wellness tool kit. When you learn to harness it, you’ll find it’s one of the simplest ways to help change how you feel. 

Candle Refill Scents: Original Scent Recipes

We offer Pillar Refills (easy, scented candle refills that you simply drop into your empty GHFS pot) and Poured Refills (a refill service where we pour a candle refill into any empty candle pot you send us). Our Pillar and Poured refills are available in all of our Original Scent Recipes. 

Our Original Scent Recipes are so special because they are each written with an express purpose. We don’t simply create scent blends that smell nice. We labour over original recipes with a complex layering of fragrances to meet a very real need in you. Some are inspired by our own journeys (our Heal candle, for example) while others come from deep-set hopes or responses to the world around us. 

We’ve written an Original Scent Recipe to help you connect with rest, restoration, calm and healing. We also write a new seasonal scent recipe every season, every year, to help you lean into seasonal rhythms. This connection to nature through scent is both evocative and transformational. 

Let us encourage you to approach your candle refills slightly differently. Not just, what scent do I like, but what am I craving? What do I need more of right now? What do I need to connect with?

How Do I Know Which Candle Refill Scent I’ll Connect With?

Now this is the bit that can take some skill. That’s why we call it Home Scent Practice. Learning what scents provoke certain responses in you is a bit of an art form. But, happily, it’s one that is a total pleasure to master. 

Learning how to use scent to contribute to your wellness and wellbeing starts with understanding what you need more, or less, of at any one time. 

Start by taking a mindful moment, a few deep breaths in a quiet space and take stock of how you’re feeling. Do you feel highly strung? Is your mind racing? Does your body ache with tiredness? Do you feel energised? 

Once you’ve identified the predominant feeling, go through our candle refills and their descriptions to find the one that resonates.

Maybe you need the thought-slowing, brain-soothing power of our Calm candle? Or, perhaps the encouraging, rejuvenating clout of our Restore scent? 

Candle Refills: Discover Your Perfect Scent

Another way to discover which candle refill scent is right for you is to expose yourself to a wide range of different scents. As you smell each one, pay attention to the effect it has on you. You’re looking for it to prompt something more than just pleasure.

We’ve created a Discovery Pack of our scented tea lights which contains six different scents from across our range. This is a perfect way to begin your Home Scent Practice. 

How Are You Planning To Use Your Candle Refill?

The other thing to consider when choosing the perfect scent for your candle refills, is how you’re going to be using the candle. 

Are you looking for a candle to burn while you work from home? Our New Home scent might be a good option. 

Or, do you need help switching off and relaxing? Opt for our Rest candle. 

Maybe you’ve got friends coming for dinner in the coming weeks, in which case our Home candle creates the perfect welcoming atmosphere. 

If you’re craving headspace then our Seasons candles, each a reflection of the current season, are a real breath of fresh air.

There are certain candle scents that just feel right at certain times of day or for certain purposes so think about how you’re planning to use your candle refill and select your scent accordingly. 

Will Your Candle Refills Fit My Empty Candle Pot?

We can refill any empty candle pot, any at all! No matter the brand. We can also refill any empty, watertight, heat proof container: jam jars, flowerpots, you name it and we’ve probably refilled it. 

Here’s how it works: if you own one of our Great House Farm Store ceramic candle pots then all you have to do is order one of our easy Pillar Refills. These pioneering candle refills arrive ready to simply drop into your empty candle pot. After the first couple of burns they will have melted to fill your GHFS candle pot perfectly. 

If your empty candle pot is from another brand, or you have another container you’d like turned into a candle, then you can order one of our Poured Refills. This candle refill service involves you sending us your pot, then we hand pour a candle refill into it and post it right back. 

We’re Here To Help You Find The Perfect Scent For Your Candle Refills

If you still don’t know where to start, then remember we’re always here to help. If you’d like some advice on which scent is right for you then feel free to send us an email (hello@greathousefarmstores.co.uk). Our co-founder Roanna will ask you some questions about how you plan to use the candle, and what you’re craving, along with which scents you naturally warm to or not, and come back with a shortlist of recommended scents for you. 

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