About our founders.

Great House Farm Stores was founded by sisters, Roanna Day and Abbie Price. Both have a lifelong belief in the value of authentic living, in making their lives into offerings of love, creativity and truth.

Great House Farm Stores candles were born out of the sisters’ passion to transform every moment with original candle recipes that harness the incredible power of scent.

“We grew up in an Anglo-Indian family so mixtures and blends were a fact of life. We learnt the art of marking every moment with the right scent, with fragrance acting as an antidote, a relief, or a celebration.”

- Abbie & Roanna

After a city upbringing in Bristol and living in cities throughout their twenties, Roanna and Abbie have both taken up the humble pursuit of the good life on their Welsh farm in Monmouthshire.

“I left city life and the 9-5 grind behind in pursuit of something simpler, something slower and something that spoke to my soul. I believe in an uncompromisingly intentional life and in living a life that abounds in generosity, kindness and compassion.”

- Roanna Day

Motivated by the wastefulness of candle pots all Great House Farm Stores candles are refillable with the sisters’ pioneering candle refill service, a move born out of Abbie and Roanna’s dedication to sustainability.

Before launching Great House Farm Stores, Roanna spent years reviewing the best luxury scented candles for Red magazine, while Abbie made candles on private commission. Now, united with a purpose - ‘to create a candle to transform every moment’ - the sisters pour all of their expertise into spreading the word about the power of Home Scent Practice.

“We believe that what you fill your house with helps define the very atmosphere of your home. Our hope is that by investing in our seasonal candles that you will, in a small but powerful way, shift the atmosphere around you.”

Abbie & Roanna