Home Scent Practice

Growing up in an Anglo-Indian family, mixtures and blends were a fact of life.

Dinner time was a feast of multi-cultural influences, and every important event was celebrated with family, food and fragrance.

Home Scent Practice evolved from our understanding that scent is a central part of leaning into every season of life and of nature.

Scent, as much as food, can be our partner in celebrating or capturing the season and in changing our emotional responses.

We are thawed by the scent of Spring blooms, energised by the citrus notes of Summer, drawn in by the earthy moss of Autumn and comforted by the woody resin of Winter.

Rosemary can aid a headache while orange blossom can calm us. Chamomile can help us dream while vetiver can encourage deep breaths.

Woodsmoke and vanilla can send powerful reminders of home to our brain, helping us to relax. While sweet pea and rose can trigger joy adding sweetness to our days.

Just like our heritage, life is a rich blend and scent plays a powerful part in learning to embrace its various flavours.

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