Poured Candle Refill: How To Order

We can refill any empty candle pot. We hand pour our incredible candle refills into your empty candle pots, giving them a new lease of life.

All of our Poured Refills are bespoke orders. Fill out the form below and we will reply with a few simple next steps.

Poured Refill Order Form

Please include a brief description of your candle pot, including its material and its rough capacity in grams (to work this out simply pop your pot on the kitchen scales, set it to zero, fill it with water and tell us the reading). You can pop this all in the box labelled comment.

Contact form

  • 1. Submit your order form

    Fill out the form below and wait to hear back from us (usually within one working day).

  • 2. Choose your scent

    We'll confirm a price and timings and then help you decide which of our gorgeous Original Scent Recipes you'd like to try.

  • 3. Post your pot

    Don't worry, we'll talk you through it and can even provide packaging. Once you've posted your pot you simply sit back, relax, and await your new candle.