Bespoke White Label Scented Candle Service

We offer a bespoke white label scented candle service to a select range of small, artisan businesses, brands and established retailers.

Our clients choose us because of our fragrance expertise and sustainable production. We include our pioneering Pillar Refills (candle refills you simply drop in) as part of our private label offering. 

White Label, Private Label Scented Candles:

Every one of our white label, or private label orders is done on a bespoke basis. Our clients range from indie music artists to lifestyle boutiques. While we have an established process we consider each client as a standalone project, tailoring how we work to suit the individual brand.

Off-The-Shelf Or Bespoke White Label Scented Candles

We're know for our Original Scent Recipes. These family recipes, painstakingly crafted, taking month after month are unparalleled scents. Our candles so evocative, and form such a powerful part of your wellness toolkit because of our Original Scent Recipes. 

For our white label customers we offer two choices: first, select a range of scents from our Off-The-Shelf scent range. This diverse range of scents is ready to go, simply sample them and discover the ones that feel right for you and your brand.

Or, we offer our bespoke scent development service. This allows you to work with us as we develop a new range of scents for your exclusive use. We can write Original Scent Recipes that meet a theme or certain brief, using even the most abstract concepts as the starting inspiration. Or, we can build a fragrance around a scent you particularly love. 

White Label Candle Refills

Depending on which vessel you choose to house your white label scented candles in, we can also offer candle refills to accompany your candles. Our Pillar Refill are available in two sizes already but there is scope to develop a bespoke refill for a custom vessel. 

Design And Packaging White Label Scented Candles 

The beauty of our white label scented candle service is that you can own the look and feel of the finished product. While we take care of creating beautifully scented candles, you can create an immersive brand experience with a candle pot, label or sticker and packaging of your choice. 

We are happy to advise on candle pots and supplier, and can wrap and package your private label candles in your packaging, but we do not offer a design service.

Great House Farm Stores White Label Scented Candles: The Details

There's a lot involved in the creating and pouring of our luxurious refillable scented candles. We've listed some of the essential details here but please don't hesitate to email us ( to discuss any of the finer points. We'd love to hear from you.

  • Plant-based coconut wax
  • Essential and botanical oils
  • Candle refills available
  • Organic cotton wick
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Original Scent Recipes, unique to Great House Farm Stores
  • Hand poured in small batches
  • Made in Wales 
  • Sustainably made with an emphasis on low to no waste