Wedding Scented Candles: Create Your Own Bespoke Fragrance

Scent is the most evocative of all the senses. One sniff of a certain cake can take you back to childhood, or the fragrance of a garden flower can lift your spirits. Our brains are hardwired towards scent meaning smell, more than any other sense, can make us truly feel. It's for this reason that developing a personalised wedding scented candle can be so powerful, and so poignant. 

Developing a bespoke scent with us will not only support the most joyful of atmospheres on your wedding day, it act as a lasting memory you can turn to again and again to help take you back to your big day. You could burn your bespoke wedding scented candle every anniversary, for example, or send beautifully wrapped editions to your bridal party as a thoughtful thank you. 

Bespoke Scented Candles For Your Wedding: The GHFS Way

As part of our personalised wedding candle service we offer you an invitation to our little Welsh farm, where all of our candles are hand poured. We only have a handful of these exclusive appointments available every year. 

During your visit to the farm we will get to know you over a cup of coffee (and a slice or two of cake) and discover what's on your heart for your big day. We'll also take a wonder around our fragrant garden, and sniff some of our luxurious oils, to get a feel for what sort of scents you love. 

You can brief us in as much or a little detail as you like, you may know exactly what sort of scents you like or you might simply know how you want the scent to make you feel. We are scent experts and will write a scent recipe that connects with you and underlines the joy and celebration of your wedding day.

Of course, if you can't make it over to our farm we can always meet up over a video call and get to know you that way. We can't promise cake, but we can still have a lovely chat. 

Off-The-Shelf Scented Candles For Your Wedding

If you're timelines are slightly pressured, or you simply want an incredibly-scented wedding and are less concerned about the fragrance being exclusively yours, then we can offer you wedding candles from our off-the-shelf scent range.

This service allows you to choose from our diverse range of scents and supply a candle container of your choice, with any sticker or label design, and we will fill the containers with our luxury candles. 

With both options, either a bespoke scent creation, or off-the-shelf, there are a myriad of options which is why we discuss the finer details with you before putting together a proposal. So, if you're considering scenting your wedding then we'd love to be your fragrance partner, do please email us with your initial thoughts and we can begin to put together a plan based on you and your wedding, after all, no two are the same.

Let's talk weddings:

We've answered some frequently asked questions around scenting your wedding below:

Can I repeat order my bespoke wedding scented candle?

Yes! We will keep your personalised scent on record. So, if come your 5, 10 or 15 year anniversary you'd like to order your scented candle again, in your exclusive recipe then we can pour you a fresh candle or even a small batch of them. Of course, this comes with the caveat that all of the oils still have to be in stock and available. 

Should I have scented candles at my wedding?

If you enjoy scented candles at home, or love to give them as gifts, then including scented candles in your wedding is a brilliant idea. You use them to contribute to the overall beauty and ambience of your day, there's nothing like candlelight for creating atmosphere for example. 

How can I make my wedding smell amazing?

In order for your scented candles to have a real impact on your wedding you need to have enough, in the right size, to fill the room. This is something we can advise on during the creative process of creating your perfect wedding candle. 

Another option, if you don't want to scent your venue, is to scent your home, hotel room or wherever you're getting ready. This is a brilliant opportunity to lean into some aromatherapy principles and include scents to help you feel calm and relaxed before your big day.