Meet the Potters, Makers and Artists

We work with a host of brilliant creatives across the UK.

Every time you invest in a Great House Farm Stores product you’re helping us support a talented craftsman. Not only that, you’re casting your vote for the importance of creativity in our world.

As GHFS grows we hope to do more and more to support heritage crafts in the UK. We love things that are made slowly, sustainably and with skill. Below are just a few of the brilliant potters, artists and makers we work with. Our collaborative network is growing though and we rely on many brilliant creatives to produce our beautiful candle pots (but importantly, no factories or vast shipping containers at all).

Here's to creating beautiful things in a beautiful way.

wendy calder with pots

Wendy Calder


“It's amazing what can be created from what is essentially a lump of mud. I love the motion of the potter's wheel, the ball of clay becomes a vessel quite quickly. It's therapeutic and mesmerising at the same time.” 

Wendy is the potter who created our beautiful Home and Hearth & Home candle pot and our Stone match pot. Based in Bristol, Wendy creates homewares with detailed surface decoration. Some, like her Bristol mug, are inspired by her surroundings, others are filled with scenes and shapes from nature. Wendy also teaches ceramics on her popular course and workshops.

Wendy Calder Ceramics
hannah ruth walker ceramics

Hannah Ruth Walker


“It is pretty exciting when you find yourself doing anything where time speeds by without you even realising - and ceramics is one of those things. I love how it absorbs my time, my attention and my energy so completely, I forget about everything else and feel very alive when I am making ceramics!”

Hannah is a Bristol based potter who embraces a bold use of colour, a painterly application of glazes and draws heavily on inspiration from artists and the art world. You may recognise her from the Great Pottery Throw Down, she was a contestant on the 2021 series. We worked with Hannah on our Celebrate and Summer 2021 pots, their painterly designs showcasing Hannah’s brilliant way with colour. Hannah has also created some limited collection ceramic tags for our Editions range.

Hannah Ruth Walker
Jack Welbourne potting

Jack Welbourne


“Firing can be a captivating process. To play with fire, and at the same time relinquish some degree of control. Seeing the transformation of the clay and glaze never gets old.”

Jack, based in Cardiff, was the first potter we collaborated with for a candle pot; he’s the maker of the beautiful Spring 2021 seasonal edition pot. Specialising in hand thrown tableware, Jack uses surface application and a creative glazing process to make his unique pieces. He has a real focus on sourcing resources locally and in exploring traditional ceramic techniques. Jack also created our beautiful Spring '22 candle pot and two of our ceramic match pots.

Jack Welbourne

Victoria and Finch pottery

Anna Victoria


“I love having the time to sit and explore new ideas and techniques. I feel like some of my best designs have started with experimentation.”

Anna is known for her colourful, playful ceramics. She used her considerable wheel-throwing skills to craft our beautiful Celebrate candle pot. Anna also makes two of our beautiful ceramic tealight holders.

Anna’s creations are always uplifting and charming, especially her latest collection of miniature work including miniature mugs and vases.

Victoria & Finch
candle pot by Victoria and Finch
Caroline denno potter

Caroline Denno


“I feel completely inspired being surrounded in nature, whether in amongst the sand dunes with long grasses around me, or out at sea on a boat surrounded by nothing but deep blue sea. I love the layers of colour, the shapes of natural forms and the energy, sometimes wild and sometimes held, poised. There is something in me that longs to capture and create that juxtaposition of the beauty.”

Caroline made our first Heal and Rest candle pots. Caroline’s signature style is an artful, delicate way with glazes that creates pots with warmth and feeling.

HKD Ceramics potter

Harmeet Kaur Dhingra


"What I love about ceramics is that it is a craft that has many different techniques to it. It allows you to always be open minded and makes you want to keep learning about the different elements of it, whether that is forming the clay or glazing."

Harmeet makes our gorgeous Explore candle. We love Harmeet's bold application of colour and precision. She's always up for trying something new too!

HKD Ceramics

Luke Tonge


"I get huge satisfaction from helping people – and my job allows me the privilege of doing that in a number of rewarding ways… from helping clients fall in love with their brand again, to assisting emerging talent get started in industry, to seeing confidence grow in my peers through exposure, to seeing strangers inspired by events I’m part of… it’s all lovely, wholesome and rewarding stuff."

Luke created our gorgeous logo and wordmark. We loved watching Luke bring our brand ethos to life in such a beautiful way. He may be humble and down-to-earth but he's a true creative genius.

Luke Tonge