Candle Refills: How our candle refill service works.

Candle refills are an easy and sustainable way to reuse your empty candle pot.

We refill any empty candle pot with one of our two options in our pioneering candle refill service.

Either, order one of our easy pillar candle refills which are the perfect fit for empty GHFS ceramic pots.

Or, order a Poured Refill, where we will hand pour a candle refill into empty candle pot, from any brand, or into most heat safe containers.

All of our Pillar and Poured Candle Refills are available in our 16 Original Scent Recipes.

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    Pillar Candle Refill

    Refill your empty GHFS pot with one of our easy, luxurious Pillar Refills. Simply order a Pillar Refill and pop it into your GHFS empty pot. Our Pillar Candle Refills are compatible with GHFS ceramic candle pots bought from March ’22 onwards. If you own a GHFS ceramic pot purchased before this date click here to see if it will work with one of our Pillar Refills.

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  • Poured Candle Refill

    Our pioneering Poured refill service allows us to refill any candle pot (from any brand) you send us, from the big to the small and all the wonky ones in-between! Simply fill out our Poured Refill Order form to get your bespoke order started.

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Ordering your Pillar Candle Refill:

If you'd like to order a Pillar Refill for your GHFS candle pot then all you have to do is head to our Candle Refills shop, add as many as you like to the basket, wait for them to arrive and then pop your Pillar Refill into your empty candle pot.

How to order a Poured Refill

If you have an old candle pot or heat proof jar you'd like us to refill with a Poured Refill then the first step is to fill out this order form. We'll get back to you quickly and get your order underway.

Candle Refill Scents

Choose between powerful scents in our Aromatherapy range like Heal, Rest, Calm or Restore. Or connect with a certain emotion with our Seasons of Life range which includes Joy, Celebrate, Love and Comfort. Or, root yourself in the safety and feeling of home with our Signature range and New Home, Home & Hearth and Home.

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Candle Refill Q&A

Our refillable candles and candle refills have been celebrated by prestigious titles such as Elle, Living Etc, Ideal Home and The Observer. Our co-founder Abbie spent over a year developing our easy Pillar Candles and we've tried every approach to candle refilling you can think of. Here we answer some of the most common questions about candle refills.

Q: Can candles be refilled?

The answer is a resounding yes. Scented candles can be easily and safely refilled. We offer two kinds of candle refills: our Pillar Refills which drop into our empty GHFS pots and our Poured Refills which are suitable for any empty candle pot.

Q: How do refillable candles work?

Different brands offer different approaches to candle refilling. Increasing in popularity are 'drop in refills' like our Pillar Candle Refills. These are like Pillar Candles except they're scented and made from the same wax as a scented candle. With our Pillar Refills you simply choose which scent you'd like, order your Pillar Refill, unwrap and drop it into your empty GHFS pot.

Q: Is it safe to refill a candle jar?

If a jar or pot has held a scented candle before, it's reasonably safe to assume it can do so again. However, you must make sure that you check the pot hasn't gained any cracks or chips. Refilling a candle involves using very hot wax and pre-heating your candle jar. We have designed a slow and careful process to ensure our candle pourer's safety. If you undertake candle refilling at home then do make sure you're careful.

Q: What are the best refillable candles?

More and more brands are offering candle refills. When we launched we were one of just a handful brands globally selling candle refills. We remain the only candle brand that we know of offering to refill any empty candle pot.

Now, however, candle refills are easy to pick up while you potter around the shops. The question of which ones are best is, to some degree, subjective.

We recommend looking out for: a plant-based wax and organic cotton wicks. This means you're investing in a clean burn and a more sustainable product. We'd also seek out candle refills poured by hand, rather than factory made. For us this makes a huge difference as you're actively supporting creativity and independence.

Four brilliant reasons to refill your empty candle pots.

Big changes can start small and even though refilling your candle pots instead of throwing them away is only one tiny thing, we think it’s really important. Here are four reasons why you should think about reusing your candle pot.

It's eco-friendly

Every candle jar that’s refilled instead of thrown away is one less piece of rubbish added to the system. Even though a lot of candle jars are made from glass which is fairly easy to recycle from a sustainability point of view, it’s still better for the world to reuse one that you have, over and over, rather than recycle it. Ultimately we all need to try to consume and throw away less, and refilling your candles with our eco-friendly, plant-based wax is one little way of doing that.

It's wonderfully old school

Back in the day, socks were darned, furniture repaired and clothes handed down. We’d like to live a little more like that here at GHFS. We want to take better care of everything on this planet, from its people to its products so, for us, reusing our candle jars, and encouraging you to reuse yours, aligns with our belief in valuing even the smallest of things.

It's a cheaper way to get a brilliant candle

There are lots of things that make a good scented candle expensive. We hate to break it to you, but if a candle is nice and cheap then it means someone else, somewhere, is making up the difference. That could be in the production line or it could be the impact of the company using cheap ingredients. Here at Great House Farm Stores we don’t want that sort of thing on our conscience so we do our best to make our candle production kind and considerate from start to finish. That means plant-based wax, organic cotton wicks and recycled and recyclable packaging. We also work with artisan British potters who hand make every single jar. Using our refill service means you can top up your beautiful GHFS jar (or any other old candle jar if you like) and only pay for the candle, rather than pay for a whole new pot every time.

It supports a small, female-founded business

Great House Farm Stores is run by two women who collaborate with a growing group of makers and creatives across the country. Right now, we support ten different British potters and one lino print artist too and we’re building new relationships everyday. We work in small batches and and release products slowly meaning we can work with brilliant artisans across the country. By shopping with GHFS you’re supporting a small, female-founded company and a whole host of creative sole-traders too.