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We include a Home Scent Practice note in each of our candle descriptions. This note expresses the purpose behind each Original Scent Recipe, helping you to identify which scent is right for you, right now. 

There’s a scent for every moment, every season and every season of life. Discovering what that scent is can be transformative.

Begin your Home Scent Practice now by browsing the notes below.

Read each one slowly, breathing deeply as you go and take note of which one resonates.


Original Scent Recipe: Leather, Vanilla, Woodsmoke, Myrrh and Vetiver

Mixed for comfort and welcome. Home is the candle to light to create the warm, welcoming feeling of home wherever you are. It’s the perfect candle for a cosy night in, or to help make a new space feel like your own.

Home is a rich, woody, warm and masculine scent that comes into its own in the autumn winter months.

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Autumn scented candle

Autumn '23

Original Scent Recipe: Sandalwood, Clementine and Still-Warm Embers

Mixed to help you slow down: Autumn ‘23 is the candle to light when you need to remind yourself that it’s OK to stop, it’s OK to rest, it’s OK to let the heavy things fall.

Autumn ‘23 is a warm, woody, citrus scent with a hint of smoke and resin.

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Original Scent Recipe: Elderflower, Iris, Gardenia, Sweet Pea and Geranium

Mixed for Celebration. Celebrate is the candle to light to help mark or enhance celebration, from celebrating the big once-in-a-lifetime events to celebrating the extraordinary to be found in the everyday, this blend infuses the atmosphere with celebration.

Celebrate is a sweet, light, floral scent with layer upon layer of different blooms.

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Original Scent Recipe: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Vetiver

Mixed for healing. Heal is the candle to light to help soothe physical or emotional pain, from helping to clear a fuzzy head to inspiring hope for healing in the most difficult times.

Heal is a powerfully herby scent that fills the room with its invigorating, refreshing blend. The natural oils create an almost sinus-clearing, medicinal scent which is softened by the floral note of vetiver.

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Original Scent Recipe: Orange Blossom, Chamomile, Geranium and Rose Geranium.

Mixed for balance and refocusing. Calm is the candle to light to help steady and slow down your thoughts and emotions on a busy or difficult day.

Calm is a herby scent with a sweet finish. Thanks to the citrus sweetness of the orange blossom and the tea-like qualities of the Chamomile the scent creates a spa-like atmosphere.



Original Scent Recipe: Rose Geranium, Chamomile, Vetiver, Rose and Palo Santo

Mixed for Love. Love is the candle to light to case your vote for love over fear and harmony over discord. Use this candle to express the very depths of your affection and heights of your love for your favourite people in life. 

Love is a rich, floral, warm scent with layers of garden florals, citrus and wood.

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New Home

Original Scent Recipe: Linen, Lilac, Lavender and Pine.

Mixed for renewal. New Home is the candle to light to help refresh and renew a space, creating a fresh sense of home.

New Home is a fresh, clean scent with a sweet floral finish. While gentle on the nose this scent fills the room, imparting a feeling of cleanliness.

New Home


Original Scent Recipe: Bergamot, Turmeric, Chamomile and Clary Sage

Mixed for restoration. Restore is the candle to light to help you find your way back to feeling yourself again.

Restore is a warm, gently spiced scent with a bright citrus zest finish. The balance of spice, warmth and citrus is distinct and captivating, creating an evocative atmosphere.

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Joy refillable rose candle


Original Scent Recipe: English Rose, Myrrh and Leather-Bound Books.

Mixed for releasing Joy. Joy is the candle to light when you want to underline the joy in your and your loved ones lives. It’s your daily dose of joy that’s perfect for marking important occasions too.

Joy is a rich, heady, sweet rose scent with woody notes.

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Original Scent Recipe: Samphire, Rock Rose and Sea Salt

Mixed for exploration and adventure. Explore is the candle to light when you need to be inspired to dream again, to think big again and to embark on adventure again. Its invigorating, fresh scent will stir and stimulate you and its fragrance notes of mountain air and the coast will tempt you to explore once again.

Explore is a fresh, clear scent with an outdoorsy fragrance profile.

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Hearth and Home candle

Hearth & Home

Original Scent Recipe: Book Pages, Woodsmoke and Tobacco.

Mixed for hygge and warmth. Hearth & Home is the candle to light to create those relaxing, unforgettable fireside moments spent with family, no matter where you are.

Hearth & Home is a deeply smokey, warm, masculine scent reminiscent of classic country pubs and old historic library shelves.

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