Neutral candles and match pots for your inner minimalist

Neutral candles and match pots for your inner minimalist

All of our refillable candle pots and match pots are made by hand by an artisan potter in the UK. Some are wild celebrations of colour and textures, others are simpler and make a muted but elegant addition to your home. The design of our pots is driven by the Original Scent Recipe the candle contains, with the choice of glaze and application chosen to underline the feel and impact of the candle’s scent.

We love how incorporating something made by a master of their craft can elevate your interiors. When it comes to minimalist homes, quality and texture seem to take on a whole new level of importance.

The warmth of a jute rug, the feel of reclaimed wood or the stripe of a simple panel can make or break a stripped-back interior design scheme.

When we design plain and simple candle pots and ceramic match pots we make sure they have an abundance of character and feeling. We design with longevity in mind, the intention being that these ceramic candle pots will be cherished for years to come.

Our neutral scented candle pots, complemented by our minimalist match pots, each add an element of texture or tactility to your home.

It’s these moments of craftsmanship, of originality, of real creativity, that make a house a home.

Browse our range of neutral ceramic candle pots and match pots and learn more about how they were made and the intricacies of our design.

Neutral Scented Candles

restore candle

Restore - Refillable Scented Candle

Our Restore candle features a beautiful tonal marbling of stone and white, creating a serene, ribbon like design. Each pot is made from clay marbled together by hand before being thrown and fired. As a result every pot is a one off.

Restore Original Scent Recipe: Bergamot, Turmeric, Chamomile and Clary Sage

hearth and home candle

Hearth & Home - Refillable Scented Candle

Hearth & Home is in a classic cream stoneware clay with a subtle speckle glaze. Every pot has been thrown by hand and the thrown lines remain visible leaving a gorgeous ripple rhythm across the surface of each candle pot.

Hearth & Home Original Scent Recipe: Book Pages, Woodsmoke and Tobacco

Home scented candle

Home - Refillable Scented Candle

Home was one of the first candles we released and its remained a classic to this day. The understated, elegant candle pot is made with a cream stoneware clay and finished with a glossy stone coloured glaze. Its simplicity is not to be underestimated though. Each pot is finished with precision by its master potter and will elevate any interior design scheme.

If you haven’t already fallen for the charm, whimsy and style appeal of our ceramic match pots then now is your moment. These artisan made pots, available in a wide range of designs, add real joy to your candle-lighting ritual. Here are two of our neutral designs that are at home in any minimalist, stripped back or elevated rustic aesthetic.

Neutral Match Strike Pots

match pot

Ceramic Match Pot - Stone

A great partner to our Home, or Hearth & Home candle, our Stone colour match pot is one of our best-sellers. The elegant lines of this curved pot are left to speak for themselves in a neutral stone glaze. We love how at home this handmade match pot looks in a myriad of different houses.

Ceramic Match Pot - Marbled Stone and White

The marbling on our Restore candle was too beautiful to confine to just our candle range, so we created a coordinating match pot. This refillable match pot really is an effective way to add warmth, tactility and feeling into your home. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself lingering over your candle lighting ritual as a result of upgrading to this beauty.

The Key To A Dynamic, Not Mundane Neutral Interior

While a well-executed minimalist or neutral interior design scheme is hard to beat, when it goes wrong you end up with a home that feels cold and soulless.

Brands like Soho Home, or the McGee design empire, have made careers out of polished but personality-filled neutral interiors.

Shay McGee is known for incorporating layers and layers of texture throughout her design schemes. She also thinks carefully about shape and plays with a balance of curves and straight lines.

While Soho Home have underlined the importance of investing in high quality pieces to elevate your home. Dupes are only a bargain if they still add value to your home and so often the cheap replacements we turn to end up feeling bland.

So, invest in quality and layer your textures for a beautiful neutral home.

Neutral Candles That Last

Our neutral candles sit as part of a wide range of hand poured, refillable candles presented in artisan made ceramic pots. We don’t compromise on quality, working with the best master potters across the UK. We also use a luxury plant-based wax and hand pour every one of our candles and candle refills.

This way of working allows us to pay attention to every detail, ensuring every candle reveals the craftsmanship and creativity we’ve poured into it.

stone match pot and home candle

How To Style Your Neutral Candle

Make A Cute Pair

Our favourite way to style our candles, and our top candle styling tip, is to place your favourite scented candle next to a co-ordinating match pot.

Together, a refillable candle and ceramic match pot make an elegant duo. While in part it works because it’s a cute and stylish combination, it also works because it’s practical. The best design moves have a trace of practicality through them.

Having a beautiful match pot placed handily beside your scented candle saves you scrambling for matches.

signature range

Work In Groups

An age-old interior stying tip is to work in groups of three, or five, and to vary the shape and size of the items. So, while one candle on a mantle will look lovely. A little trio containing say a candle, a vase and decorative stack of books could look even better.

You can also work in groups within a category. So, try displaying your scented candles grouped together.

Neutral Candles Not Your Thing?

If your interest in neutral candles is purely academic and your personal tastes lean more towards maximalism, colour and playfulness then allow us to point you towards our Joy, Celebrate and Explore candles.

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