Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts from small businesses.

Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts from small businesses.

Year in, year out, Mother’s Day gifts fall into the same boxes they always have. Usually slightly twee, sometimes needlessly pink, and really fall short of recognising the heroic effort that is motherhood.

Maybe I’m biased because I’ve got two young children, but becoming a mother is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the challenge continues. It’s also an honour and has taken me to depths of joy and gratitude I didn’t know possible. But it’s taken me beyond my tolerance more than once and on Mother’s Day I crave for that to be recognised just a little more than normal.

So, here is an edit of thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. Gifts that don’t just say ‘I remembered it was Mother’s Day’, but gifts that say ‘I see you’.

Of course all of these gifts are from small businesses or artisan makers because when we spend money we vote for the kind of world we want to live in and for us, that’s one filled with creativity.

Fragrant Gifts For Mother’s Day

A Relaxing Skincare Set

Hale Unwind Set

Hale Organics, based in Bristol, make their skincare with foraged ingredients. It all also happens to smell incredible. We’ve got our eye on the unwind set, and having tried Hale products before, we know it’ll be good.

Unwind Set: Hale Organics

Joy In Candle Form

joy scented candle

Joy is a heady, rich blend of English Rose, Myrrh and Leather-Bound Books. Its beautiful pot, hand made by artisan potter Anna Jones, is a thing of beauty. All in all this candle is a truly luxurious gift that really packs a self-care punch, encouraging your wonderful mum to take a moment for herself.

Joy Scented Candle

Gifts That Keep On Giving

An Online Membership

The Parlour membership

If you haven’t come across Sarah Powell already, then do head her way over on Instagram. She is joy and encouragement in human form. She hosts an online membership: The Parlour. A place for women to cheer each other on, all in the name of camaraderie and self-celebration. You will not find a lovelier bunch on the internet. With elevenses, live chats and members events, plus just a great space to hang out, membership to the Parlour makes a wonderful gift.

The Parlour

The Ultimate Candle Subscription

Refillable Candle subscription

Our 6 month Luxury Scented Candle And Pillar Refill Subscription is a firm favourite and with good reason. Your lovely mum will receive one of our gorgeous luxury candles during month one, and then, for the next five months, will be able to choose any Pillar Refill. Over six months she’ll be taken on a fragrant adventure with us as your lovely gift just keeps on giving.

6 Month Refillable Candle Subscription

Access To Seriously Beautiful Places

Cadw membership

While not a new idea, giving your mum National Trust, Cadw or English Heritage membership as a gift remains a wonderful option in our books. Not only does it provide a ready excuse for you all to book a few days out together, it also invites her to spend time in the gorgeous great outdoors. Which, really, is the best gift you can give.

Cadw Membership

Ceramic Gifts She’ll Treasure

The Perfect Handmade Mug

Glosters mug

We’re of the belief that no home is really complete without a Glosters Pottery mug or muglet in it. Tom and Myfanwy, the husband and wife team behind Glosters are two of the loveliest people you could meet and they happen to lead the team making the best mugs in the business. All by hand up in North Wales. Your mum will love upgrading her morning brew with one of these.

Glosters Mug

A Joy-Sparking Match Pot

Stone match pot

There’s something about our ceramic match pots that just sparks joy. Not only do they make a gorgeous interior accessory, they also add beauty and an irresistible tactility to your candle-lighting ritual.

Handmade Ceramic Match Pots

Get Creative

We’re big believers in the power of creativity. It’s good for us, good for others and good for the world! Why not use Mother’s Day as an excuse to get in touch with your inner artist?

Bake a cake: baking often gets forgotten as a creative practice but it’s one of our favourites. It can be therapeutic, engaging yourself in a mindful activity and you can always play around with cake flavours or finishes to indulge your creative side.

If your mum is anything like us, she’ll love opening a box of home-made treats on Mother’s Day.

We’re currently baking our way through Crumbs and Doilies, the brilliant recipe book from Cupcake Jemma and her team.

baking recipe book

Crumbs And Doilies recipe book

Stretch Your Green Fingers

flowers in vase

Get potty: another option is to pot up a gorgeous planter for you mum. Head to your local garden centre, or browse the always tempting Sarah Raven website, and choose a few different perennial seedlings. If you pot them all up into a beautiful plant pot, top it with some potting grit to help defend against weeds, then your mum will have a beautiful green display to enjoy.

Sarah Raven


Speaking of getting green fingered, we’ve bought a few loved ones a David Austen rose as a present and we still enjoy getting photo updates from them as they burst into bloom.

Our mum is a real foodie so we’ll be treating her to a bundle of goodies from Sous Chef and a bottle of something delicious from Master of Malt. Like all occasions, big and smell, we will mark the day with a feast of flavour and fragrance. Burning? We’ll light Celebrate in the day. The perfect floral notes to transform your day into a jubilant celebration. Come evening, we’ll turn to our Home candle which sets the scene for a relaxed night of feasting and laughing together.

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