How to wrap a candle for Christmas

How to wrap a candle for Christmas

Are you wondering how to wrap a candle for Christmas with a little more beauty and creativity this year? Our co-founder Abbie was once a professional gift wrapper for a luxury gift website. She shares her expert tips on wrapping your Christmas gifts this year…

You’ve done your Christmas shopping, your Christmas grocery delivery is booked and the house is bedecked with boughs of holly. Now to wrap that mountain of gifts. For some of you, I know, that’s not a happy prospect, and becomes a chore to get done as quickly as possible.

For me, wrapping gifts is one of my simplest and purest joys in life. It’s one of those times when I get to focus on something purely aesthetic. A bit like baking a cake, its sole purpose is to be enjoyed. So, when I’m gift wrapping a candle I like to sit down with a glass of something and pop a festive film on. A roaring fire doesn’t hurt either…

Top tips for a beautiful, eco-conscious, gift wrapped candle

In the spirit of generosity, I’d love everyone to have as much fun wrapping as I do. So, although I hate to dictate how anyone should wrap a candle, or any other gift for that matter, there are some things that make the experience infinitely more enjoyable and the result so much more beautiful.

I have a dedicated gift wrapping drawer, which is stocked with scissors, tape, pens, gift tags and ribbons I’ve saved over many years. That’s me, though, I can’t help but save a pretty ribbon, or fold up and keep a beautiful piece of paper. I realise not everyone is like me. So, if you’re not the wrapping drawer type, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start your wrapping:

Choose a Good Quality Wrapping Paper 

Using paper may be old hat, but the fact that it’s recyclable makes it a classic choice. Even better if you can find recycled paper that’s been made in the UK. Choosing a good quality paper will ensure it folds nicely and won’t crease, keeping your gift looking neat right up til the big day. 

John Lewis can be relied on for good design and good quality and that’s no different when it comes to wrapping paper. 

Remember, you can save and reuse any wrapping paper you get to start your very own gift wrapping drawer for next year! 

Go For a Contrasting Ribbon 

Choose a simple, contrasting colour ribbon for instant class and standout. And to keep your wrapping sustainable, choose a plastic-free option, like fabric ribbon that can be used again and again, or paper ribbon, which is easily recyclable.

Papertree stock a great range of cotton and paper ribbons in a variety of colours to suit every taste. 

Simple but effective contrasts could be a navy blue paper with a yellow ribbon. Or a pink paper with a green ribbon. Bold colours paired together adds joy and style to your festive celebrations. 

Try Wrapping Your Candle in Fabric 

A gift wrapped in fabric and tied simply with string will always look eye-catching. This is a great way to reuse and recycle leftover fabric from craft projects and can be used again and again. Or, and hear me out, a piece of clothing that’s no longer worn, can make a very pretty wrap.

Oxfam have a lovely range of ethical wraps, as well as some fabric wrap for those of you who don’t have fabric lying around. 

Essential Candle Gift Wrapping Tool Kit

Tape - using paper tape, or washi tape, not only looks great compared to plain old plastic tape, but it also keeps your wrapping plastic-free and fully recyclable. 

High street hero Paperchase have a kraft wrapping range, which includes paper, bags as well as tapes, all designed to be eco-friendly. 

Tape dispenser and sharp scissors - now, this isn’t going to make your gift look any better, but a decent pair of scissors and one of those handy tape dispensers will make your gift wrapping so much easier, especially if you’ve got lots to wrap.

How to wrap a candle

Over many Christmases and birthdays I’ve developed a foolproof technique for wrapping. There are many ways to wrap a gift, but for consistently neat and gorgeous results, this method has never let me down.

Being a candle brand owner, I’m often wrapping candles. So, if you have a candle to wrap, here’s my go-to method:

  1. Cut the paper to the right size. This may sound obvious, but always measure the paper with the gift you’re wrapping - it needs to reach down just past the middle on each side and overlap generously at the bottom. This step often gets skipped, gift size underestimated and then the inevitable recutting ensues and good paper goes to waste. Or, just as bad, too generous a piece of paper is cut and you end up making too many folds and creating a bulky, messy, gift bottom. 
  2. Cut your tape before you start. Having handy bits of tape ready to grab will make you feel like a complete pro when wrapping. Unless you have a happy helper waiting to pass you tape as and when you need it, this is the way to go. 
  3. Fold the raw edge at the bottom. Don’t skip this step! A tiny detail that makes a big difference - folding over the cut edge of the paper will instantly give your gift wrapping that professional look.
  4. Fold the paper at the sides into triangles. I’ve tried many ways to fold, and have found this gives me the most consistently neat results. And if you get it right, it needs just one piece of tape on each side to hold it all together.
  5. Tie your ribbon with bunny ears. When I’m rushing, I default back to my shoelace tying method, but always regret it. Ribbons, to look good, should always be tied by making two ‘bunny ears’, then tying as normal. It ensures a more even bow, which can be easily adjusted to sit straight. 

And here’s the finished result! A reliably beautiful, and eco-friendly, wrapped candle which will sit proud under any Christmas tree or stuff safely into any stocking. 


Let us wrap your candles for you

Having said all that, I know Christmas is often a busy time, and being able to send a pre-wrapped gift to a loved one far away can be a life saver. That’s why we offer our gift wrapping service. You can add it to any item, and we will very happily wrap your candle as if it’s our own and include a gift note too. Add this at checkout or when you add your candle to your bag. 

Take a look at our Christmas candle range  to choose what gift you’ll send this year. 

Oh, and we’ll be using our special Christmas gift wrap for all our Christmas candles, tealights and match pots, so your gift will be sure to have that festive touch.

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