Beautiful handmade ceramic tealight holders

Beautiful handmade ceramic tealight holders

Made especially for our scented tea lights, is our beautiful range of ceramic tealight holders. Each of these hand-crafted tea light holders is available to buy with any of our tealight packs.

As well as full size candles, we pour all of our scent recipes into tealights too, each featuring in carefully curated packs. Our core range includes a Discovery Pack, which features six of our scents from across all of our ranges. The Aromatherapy Pack contains two of each of our powerful therapeutic scents. In the Seasons of Life Pack is two each of Celebrate, Joy and Comfort - providing you with a scent for every occasion. And last but not least our Bloom Tealight Pack showcases our three wonderfully floral scents; Celebrate, Joy and Explore. 

And, of course, come Christmas, our perennially popular Christmas scents are available in a tealight pack too.

Tealights are the ideal size for trying out a scent and discovering new favourites

White Ceramic tealight holder

Soft White Tealight Holder by Victoria & Finch

With something as personal and evocative as scent, we know it has to be right before you commit. As much as we try to write accurate descriptions of our scents, there really is nothing like giving a candle a good sniff to see if you like it. Which is exactly why we started making our tealights. 

All of our tealight packs contain a collection of our scents which allow you to try our scents out in miniature before you commit to a whole candle. Each tealight has a burn time of approximately six hours, so though small, you can settle down, relax and enjoy the scent.

Our tealights being jumbo means they really fill a room, too. Especially in a small room, sometimes a full size candle can be somewhat overkill. But a tealight throws just enough scent to really enhance the atmosphere without being overpowering.

A ceramic tealight holder elevates a tealight 

green tealight holder

Speckle Green Tealight Holder by Jack Welbourne

We often quote William Morris who said “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” and tealights are no exception. Tealights may be tiny, but they deserve a beautiful home too. Our ceramic tealight holders are designed especially for our tealights, which are that bit bigger than the average tealight, for a longer burn time, so they fit them perfectly. Not only do they look great, they elevate a humble tealight to be mantlepiece, or tabletop worthy. 

A tealight candle holder creates a mindful moment 

I always turn to a tealight when I know I need a moment to focus, or I need to relax, but I haven’t got the luxury of time to sit down and light a full size candle. 

I keep one of our Nude Pink Tealight Holders in my room, with a few tealights in a variety of scents, for such moments. A tealight can be lit and extinguished quickly with no ill effects, so is perfect when a short, but sweet, moment of relaxation is called for. The ceramic tealight holder makes the moment feel special and never rushed. The feel of the ceramic in my hand as I slow down to light the tealight helps me to engage with the moment.

Why stick to just one tealight candle holder?

tealight holders

Two Tealight Holders by Victoria & Finch

The rather lovely thing about tealights is their diminutive size. It can’t be just us who thinks that small things are cute, right? 

A tealight holder will make itself at home in the tiniest of spaces, so if you’re short of space, a tealight holder could be the perfect scent solution. They can be popped on a shelf, a windowsill, kitchen surface, or even on a desk for creating a restful work-from-home environment. Every room could have its own tealight holder. And, with our Discovery Pack of tealights, every room could have its own specially chosen scent!

A tealight holder to suit you and your home

We’ve worked closely with our brilliant potters to produce a range of tealight candle holders to suit every home and every occasion. 

pink tealight holder

Our Nude Pink Tealight Holder  by Victoria & Finch

Our Nude Pink, Sky Blue, and Soft White Ceramic Tealight Holders, made by Victoria & Finch, are both glazed in delicate hues perfect for the minimalist home, and envelope the tealights to give a gentle, cosy glow. 

Our Speckle Green Tealight Holders, made by Jack Welbourne, are a very pleasing shape that hugs the tealights and have a lovely rustic feel. They’re thrown in an earthy clay and the thick, shiny glaze contrasts beautifully, which, along with the very hold-able shape, makes for a very tactile and satisfying lighting experience.


Aqua ceramic tealight holder with candle and match pot

Our Aqua Tealight Holder by Mill & Young,
with the coordinating Heal Candle and Aqua Match Pot

And last but not least is our Aqua Tealight Holder by the brilliant British potter Mill & Young. Thrown in a biscuity stoneware, and glazed in a bespoke aqua glaze with layers of colour and texture, this is thing of beauty. It also coordinates beautifully with our Heal Candle and our Aqua Match Pot. 

So, whether you’re looking for something to complement your carefully curated minimalist home, something a little bit more cosy, or something to add that magical spark to an evening’s entertaining, we have the tealight holder for you.

Our ceramic tealight holders support artisan craft in the UK

One of the things that inspires us is working with such a wonderful group of artisan potters. When we were dreaming up GHFS, we hit upon the idea of ceramic candle pots pretty early on. They are a brilliant and beautiful alternative to glass jars in and of themselves. But they also gave us the opportunity to start working with talented potters across the UK. From starting off with an order for a few pots from two potters, we are absolutely delighted to have worked with more than ten potters in our first eighteen months. 

Our dream for the business is that we can support artisan crafts across the UK in a meaningful way. We’ve started small, but we are dreaming big. Every single candle, match pot, and tealight holder is handmade by a potter here in the UK. And every single candle, match pot, and tealight holder you buy helps support artisan craft and is a vote for the handmade, the beautiful and the value of craftsmanship.

The perfect gift

green tealight holder gift set


And when you’ve bought yourself enough candles, our tealight holder and tealight pack gift sets really do make lovely gifts. You can choose any of our ceramic tealight holders and pair it with any of our tealight packs to make a thoughtful gift for any candle lover. 

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