Create Custom Candles and Candle Refills for Every Occasion and Season

Create Custom Candles and Candle Refills for Every Occasion and Season

Looking to create a bespoke scent for your hotel or spa? Want to create unique merchandise for your brand? Or, are you looking to create your own custom candle refills to sell in your boutique?

Looking for a truly personal gift for clients or customers? Or, the perfect way to express yourself or your brand in scent? 

Here at GHFS, we can create custom candles and refills for every season and occasion.

Candles with your name on

Have you been wanting to create your own range of scented candles, but aren’t really sure where to start?

With our pour and pack service, we can create candles that are completely unique to you, developed and designed with you and your specific needs in mind. Working closely with you, we can create a range of scents that aligns with your brand, its values and aesthetics. We bring our scent expertise, you bring your knowledge and understanding of your brand and customers and together, we’ll create your ideal range of candles. 

No two brands are alike, so with your unique combination of scent, carefully chosen container, naming and pack design, we can create something that reflects the uniqueness of your brand and help your candles stand out.

Create a bespoke scent with GHFS

Scent is a powerful way to create an atmosphere in a space - from a welcoming therapy space, to a luxurious spa or hotel. Scented candles offer you the opportunity to do this simply and subtly in your space. 

Scent is also an effective way to elevate a brand experience. Around the world, luxury retailers and boutique hotels create bespoke scents for their spaces that differentiate them from other brands, that create a particular feeling in the rooms and shops. 

The science of scent is employed to elevate customers’ experience, to trigger certain emotions, and to create lasting associations. 

“Scent is powerful and evocative; research has shown that it can evoke strong emotions in people. … create custom scents that evoke feelings of joy, relaxation, excitement, and more—all while subtly reinforcing their brand message.” Marketing Psychology

Bespoke scent development

We have a constantly expanding range of scents - from fresh florals to festive Christmas scents, from scents crafted with powerful essential oils to scents created to inspire nostalgia and evoke feelings of joy or remind you of home, our extensive range is guaranteed to have something you’ll love. 

If you’d like to know more about creating your own candles with us, drop us an email at:

Or, if you’re looking for something completely exclusive, our bespoke scent development service is for you. We bring our deep scent expertise to every scent we develop. Considering everything from your preferences, the impact you want the scent to have, the setting and occasion the scent is for, we’ll work with you to create the perfect scent expression. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect candle to scent your wedding, a big event, or you’re creating a signature scent for your brand, our experience creating Original Scent Recipes enables us to bring your ideas to life.

Some of the people we’ve developed candles for…

Limited edition candles for cult Welsh pottery Glosters

Glosters pottery, based in Porthmadog, North Wales, have developed a cult following of pottery lovers. Leaders in the revival of heritage craft in the UK, husband and wife team, Tom and Myfanwy, approached us to pour candles for their sell-out advent calendar back in 2021. The beautiful pottery made a beautiful home for our festive scent. And, the candles made for a luxurious addition to their advent calendar. The candles have been such a success with Glosters customers, we’ve been pouring candles for the pottery ever since.

An exclusive candle for UK singer songwriter, Lucy Grimble

2024 saw the launch of an exciting collaboration between GHFS and Devon based musician, Lucy Grimble. With the launch of her latest album, Between The Shadow and The Sun, we worked with Lucy to create a brand new scent inspired by the songs from her new record. We also collaborated with UK potter Polly Simpson of Bliss Mill Studio to create an exclusive candle pot design - a hand decorated ceramic pot - which is a tangible representation of the scent. 

Personalised candles and candle refills

Finding the right container for your candle is just as important as finding the right scent. It’s another opportunity to express yourself or your brand. You may have a container in mind - great! As long as it’s heat safe and water tight, we can pour our candles into it safely. 

If not, we can help you source a container that will be the perfect accompaniment to your scent. Whether you’re looking for a handmade, ceramic container, a timeless glass jar, or something completely different, we can help you find it. 

And, not only can we pour your scented candles, we can create candle refills in your bespoke scent. All our GHFS candles are refillable with our innovative Pillar Refills, which just drop neatly into all our candle pots. 

Candle refills mean you can offer your customers the same easy refills and turn your candles into candles for life.

Candle safety and packing your candles

Safety labelling is required on all candles sold in the UK. Whether you choose one of our off the shelf scents, or develop a bespoke scent, all our Original Scent Recipes are tested and we provide safety labels as part of our service. 

We can also advise on packing your candles - how to pack and post them safely though the postal service, as well as how to pack them effectively to look great on-shelf. 

Working with GHFS

We are a small business, and we pour all of our candles right here on our little farm in Wales. Because we do all our scent development in-house, and work with all of our clients one-to-one, we can work quickly and responsively. So, if you have a special event you’d like scents for - a big launch, the big day, or the Christmas season - we will work with you to make it happen. 

Here at GHFS we love collaboration. From day one, we’ve worked hand in hand with artisans across the UK to create our refillable, scented candles. So, whether your vision is crystal clear or still just a daydream, talk to us and we’ll help you bring it to life. 

Making your scent dreams come true

We’ve worked with potters and musicians. We’ve poured tiny tealights and we’ve poured huge kilogram concrete containers. We’ve created candles for hampers, goodie bags and advent calendars. Whatever kind of candle you’re dreaming of, we’d love to hear from you. 

If you’re interested in creating your own scented candles, we’d love to hear from you:

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