Wondering where to place scented candles in your bedroom? Here’s our take.

Wondering where to place scented candles in your bedroom? Here’s our take.


The truth is, the answer to where you should place scented candles in your bedroom depends a lot on your room and its layout. 

Most of us candle lovers would advise placing your scented candle in the centre of a room. But, for lots of us our bed is in the centre! So, where do you pop your gorgeous, relaxing, scented candle, in your bedroom? Here are some ideas. 

On Your Dresser Or Bookcase

Depending on how spacious your room is (I used to live in London and space was an absolute luxury!) you may have a dressing table or bookcase in your bedroom. These are obviously brilliant for storage but also provide a surface for your to adorn.

Along with a few books, maybe some flowers or other sentimental trinkets, a scented candle can work really well here. Just make sure it’s placed far enough away from the wall to avoid any smoke marks that might happen. 

Oh, and if the bookcase in question isn’t fixed to the wall do make sure it’s secure enough, and not wobbly. One slight knock to an uneven surface could send melted wax flying everywhere - disaster! 

On A Windowsill

Windowsills can make perfect spots for scented candles as long as you adhere to a few little rules. For example, it’s stating the obvious but please be careful not to let any curtains or blinds come close to the candle when lit. 

Also, if you burn the candle while the window is open, some of the scent will naturally diffuse, lessening the impact of the candle. 

But, during winter when windows are rarely open and the glow of a candle is a welcome addition to the room, your windowsill is a great option. 

Swap Your Candle For A Scented Tealight

Have you considered swapping your scented candle for a scented tealight? The brilliant thing about scented tea lights is how quickly they reach a full melt pool. This means you can burn one, and extinguish it all within an hour or two, without wasting any wax. 

Our scented tealights are made exactly the same way as our full size candles. They use our signature plant-based wax and are filled with our powerful Original Scent Recipes. They’re jumbo sized, so burn for around six hours and while small, they are mighty - they really fill the room with gorgeous scent. 

A scented tealight in your bedroom is much easier to tuck onto your dressing table, or bedside table, wherever you have space. And, you can enclose it in a ceramic tealight holder to minimise the risk of a naked flame too. 

A Tip From Our Co-Founder 

If you’re anything like me then time to sit down, put your feet up and truly relax is less frequent than it needs to me. For me, two children, a business and a farm keeps me at maximum capacity most of the time. But, it could be anything! As a society we seem to have trouble hitting that balance of rest and work, don’t we?

This makes optimising those moments of rest even more important. One of my tips is to light a scented candle well before you’re actually ready to settle down. I’ll often light one in the bedroom before going to work through a pile of laundry or clean our ensuite. Then, by the time I’m actually switching gears into relax mode the room is already filled with incredible scent. It makes the transition from work into rest easier and means I can fully lean into rest and restoration. 

The Best Scented Candles To Burn In The Bedroom 

Now you know where you’re putting your scented candle, it’s time to choose a scent. Here at Great House Farm Stores we talk about, and live out, Home Scent Practice. This is simply the art of learning which scents you connect with and using them to aid you and support your holistic wellbeing. So, rather than just burning a scent that you like, you burn a scent that will meet a need in you. 

To start with, what are you craving more of right now? When you take a minute and breathe deep, what is your body craving? 

When choosing a candle for my bedroom I typically gravitate towards our Aromatherapy range: 

Restore, Rest and Calm

Heal: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Vetiver

Calm: Orange Blossom, Chamomile, Geranium and Rose Geranium.

Restore: Bergamot, Turmeric, Chamomile and Clary Sage

Rest: Lavender, Rosewood, Clary Sage and Neroli Blossom.

Each of these powerful Original Scent Recipes is filled with essential oils. We wrote each recipe as an antidote to the exhausting overload of modern life. 

I turn to Calm when my brain is whirring and I can’t slow my thoughts down. Heal is my go-to when I have a muggy head, achey body or am feeling emotionally wounded. Rest is perfect for easing me into proper, deep, relaxation and Restore is perfect after a difficult day, or week. 

Aromatherapy tealights

One option is to start with our Aromatherapy Tealight Pack which contains a mixture of three of our Aromatherapy scents. As you burn through them take note of how each one makes you feel. The more you do it the better you’ll get at discovering which scents you connect with and how each one makes you feel. 

Try A Refillable Candle In Your Bedroom

When you’ve narrowed down your perfect scent for your bedroom candle, and you know which spot you’re putting it in, remember to opt for a refillable candle. 

All of our candles are refillable, you simply order a Pillar Refill when your candle is empty and drop it into your empty GHFS pot.

Refillable candles are a brilliant way of making a more sustainable choice while shopping. They encourage you to use the same candle pot, again and again. Also, they’re a savvy choice as a candle refill is cheaper than buying a new candle again. 

We love how our refill range allows you to change up which scent you burn, based on how you’re feeling. If you find yourself in need of a little Calm, for example, simply order a Pillar Refill and drop it into your candle pot. 


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