White Speckle Match Pot on Dark Slate Background

Unique handmade match pots

Our ceramic match strike pots hold a very dear place in our hearts here at Great House Farm Stores. Each of these adorable mantle-piece must-haves are a collaboration between us and the talented potters we work with. Like our candles, we create pieces inspired by the seasons and seasons of life, which are designed to help us root down into and find life in every moment. 

Match striker pots can create moments of mindfulness

Lighting a candle can mean so many things. Whether it’s transitioning into relaxation at the end of the working day, indulging in a cosy moment, freshening up a musty room, or as part of preparing your home to receive guests. These moments can become rushed and even a bit run of the mill. But they each have the potential to be little life-giving moments. 

Adding in that step of a match striker pot enhances the ritual of lighting a candle. It helps you pause, and take that extra second to connect with where you are and what you’re doing. It turns what could be a quick chore into an opportunity for mindfulness and joy, even if just for a moment. And in today’s busy life, every moment counts. 

Our scented tealight packs are also designed to help you connect to the moment, especially when time is really tight. Miniature versions of our candle scents, our tealights have a burn time of 6 hours and even though small, they are still strong enough to fill a room. For the perfect mini mindful moment, pair our Aromatherapy Tealight Pack with a match pot and sit back and relax. 

Ceramic match strike pots are thing of beauty

We’re great believers in the beautiful everyday. That even the tiniest of objects or moments deserve to be beautiful. This is the reason for our multicoloured matches. It’s why we work with artisan potters instead of pouring candles into mass-produced pots. Even the smallest of things - including a match pot - are worthy of time and care. 

And we love working with clay. It’s just one small, but rather poetic, way that we are able to root what we do in the seasons - making our pots out of the earth itself. A clay pot is a lovely thing to hold. And with the range of clays and glazes we work with, each pot has a unique texture, and a unique feel to it. 

Their snug size means they fit perfectly in your hand and we love that our pots are a joy to not only look at, but to hold as well. Hand-crafted objects that will bring a little spark of joy from our home to yours. 

Match striker pots made by artisan potters in the UK

As well as our candle pots and tealight holders, we work with some really talented potters from across the UK to create our match pots. Along with our signature range of match pots, we create limited editions that are inspired by the seasons and seasons of life. It means our range is always changing and we will always have something new in stock to look forward to. 

Wendy Calder created our first ever match pot - our Stone Colour Match Pot and it’s become something of a classic. We’ve been working with Wendy since GHFS first launched, and quickly realised she is a master potter. For her own line, Wendy creates a range of homewares and jewellery including mugs, soap dishes and bird feeders that are adorned with delicate sgraffito designs. But for our pot, we rely on her skilful throwing technique and mastery of glazing to produce our subtle match pot.

Harmeet of HKD ceramics has produced three of our match pots for this upcoming autumn-winter season. Harmeet is a full-time potter based in London and regularly features in craft shows in galleries in the capital. She’s made several of our candle pots as well as our match pots.

Our Aqua Glaze Match Pot is made by British Pottery Mill & Young who also make our beautiful Heal Candle pot in the same luscious glaze.  

Match striker pots are the new mantle-piece must have and make an ideal gift

Whether you have a mantle-piece is neither here nor there. Our dinky match pots would look equally at home on a kitchen surface, a bedside table, or a bookshelf. Buy the matching candle and sit them together proudly, nestle one among the houseplants, wherever you fancy!

If you’re looking for an original gift idea for a candle-loving friend, then a match pot is the perfect solution! We often find our customers say they never knew they needed a match pot and now they can’t live without one! 

“I was delighted opening a match pot that matches my candle for my birthday. They are such a cheery pair. I even walk down the stairs to get the match pot for birthday cakes these days - because- why not?!” Sally, GHFS customer

Match pots don't just look good, they're functional too

We designed our match pots specifically to hold extra-long safety matches - that extra length is handy when lighting lots of candles! And every match pot comes complete with a handy strike pad on the base.

One of our customers commented that he was so excited about his match pot because he and his wife were forever losing matches - this would make lighting a candle so much easier!

Each match pot comes with a starter set of matches, in our signature off-white colour. And while our match pots will hold any extra-long matches, we do, of course, sell refills. Our refill bundles contain 50 extra-long safety matches and are available in a gorgeous array of colours, from pale pink to royal blue, and even rainbow. And each refill bundle includes a fresh strike pad to pop on the bottom of your match pot so you never lose your spark. 

New match pots are already in development, so do take a look at our match pot range to find one that suits you and your home.
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