Using scent to strengthen and sustain you through early motherhood

Using scent to strengthen and sustain you through early motherhood

I’m the co-founder of Great House Farm Stores, also of another small business, oh and I also run a small farm in Wales. But, my busiest and most exhausting job, by far, is raising my two little ones. My three year old daughter and one year old son exhaust and delight me in equal measure.

I have worked every day throughout motherhood, which I can’t condone, but it has left me very well placed to advise on using scent to strengthen and sustain you throughout the motherhood season.

We write each of our Original Scent Recipes with a clear purpose in mind. Whether that’s our Spring scent recipe, re-written every year, to help you to celebrate Spring. Or our Rest recipe, written to soothe and relax you, helping you to unwind for the night.

Scents As Sustenance During Motherhood

There are a few scent recipes across our ranges that have been a key part of my self care and wellness as a new mum. At a time when any form of self care seems impossible, the simple act of lighting a candle suddenly becomes a vital part of a stripped back, but so needed, wellness routine.

The word ‘wellness’ is used so much now that it’s begun to lose its potency. So, to clarify, I have found my mental and physical wellbeing more challenged than ever before since becoming a mum. Lighting a scented candle, which before was purely an act of indulgence, has become a nourishing moment, restoring my sanity, my calm, and my sense of self.

Three Scents To Nourish A New Mum


Part of our Aromatherapy range, Restore is scented with Bergamot, Turmeric, Chamomile and Clary Sage.

This Original Scent Recipe was written to tackle the exhausting, ebbing away of yourself that life brings. Becoming a mother transforms and re-makes you, at a very core level. Figuring out who you are in this new season of life, while learning how to be a mum, can be an overwhelming process. It’s easy to feel like you’ve lost yourself all together. Our Restore scent speaks to those feelings of being worn down, the times when you barely recognise who you are anymore and it gently restores your sense of self again.

The oils in this recipe are all restorative by nature. Some are soothing like the Chamomile, some uplifting and calming like the Bergamot and Clary Sage and some are grounding like the Turmeric. When combined, they restore you, body and soul.

I’ve used this scent on the days I’ve found myself feeling a little lost and questioning my identity. When my brain can’t stop falling into rabbit holes about work, making new friends, keeping up with old ones and whether I’m managing to do a good job as a mum, Restore is the scent I turn to.

Restore Original Scent Recipe: Bergamot, Turmeric, Chamomile and Clary Sage

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new home scented candle

New Home

Time becomes a fairly loose concept when you’re a new mum, mornings can feel like the end of the day and hours can stretch on for what feels like days. Our New Home candle, which has a wonderful combination of Linen, Lilac, Lavender and Pine, is the perfect scent to light at all times of day and for hours on end.

I’ve turned to this scent again and again on grey days that need a little brightening. Though powerful, this smell never overwhelms so I can happily burn it for long stretches, letting its freshness and sweetness cheer up a long day of juggling children, chores, and life admin.

New Home Original Scent Recipe: Linen, Lilac, Lavender and Pine.

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Calm scented candle


I have never felt more stressed, overwhelmed or anxious than when managing two little ones, at home, alone. Calm, with our powerful combination of soothing Orange Blossom, Chamomile, Geranium and Rose Geranium has been my much needed ally on the seriously tough days.

The impact of stress in our bodies can be accumulative, building up and up over draining seasons of life. So much so, that even when you do have a moment to stop and relax, your body resists it.

Calm is the scent for those moments. For when your overworked, drained body simply can’t switch into ‘off’ mode.

It’s also the best scent imaginable for when you find yourself frazzled on a busy day and need to remember to take deep breaths and roll those shoulders down.

This scent has meant survival for me on more than one occasion.

Calm Original Scent Recipe: Orange Blossom, Chamomile, Geranium and Rose Geranium.

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Just like a warm bath, a bowl of nourishing food, or a catch up with an understanding friend, the right scent is not to be underestimated in its ability to strengthen and sustain a new mum.

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