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How To Use Spring Candles To Transform Your Season

Seasonal living with Spring scented candles

Spring scented candles are not only a great gift at this time of year, for occasions like Mothers’ Day and Easter, they are a lovely way to live more seasonally. Spring candles help you connect to the season and enjoy it more than ever. 

But, what is seasonal living? And why is it important?

More than just slow living, seasonal living is responding to the rhythms of the seasons - for example, leaning into slowness in Winter and being more productive in Spring. In our busy lives, where we are constantly “on”, this sounds almost impossible. Most of us live in cities or towns, where the passing of the seasons is hard to detect, and since the advent of electric light and central heating, none of us have been reliant upon the sun to order our days and we can mostly wear the same wardrobe all year round. With the internet, wifi and myriad other brilliant technologies, we can work/ play/ communicate from anywhere, at any time, with anyone. At this rate you might never take a break!

If you’ve been with us for any amount of time, you’ll know our move from cities to the Welsh countryside has been a massive shock to the system. In a good way. We’ve been forced to become more aware of the changing of the seasons. Which is what seasonal living is, basically, all about. Yes, it’s about eating seasonal produce, but at its heart, it’s about being aware of the way the seasons ebb and flow, noticing how some seem ripe for activity and industry and others demand you to slow down. 

Baby step by baby step, we are trying to become more conscious of the seasons that surround us and carry us through each year. We are only at the start of the journey into seasonal living, but we are beginning to reap the manifold benefits of living like this. 

Roanna picks sweetpeas from the cut flower beds


The power of seasonal scents

Many things change with each season. As we come into spring, we start to shed some of those layers of knitwear, the occasional salad creeps onto the menu amongst the wintry soups. On the farm, the work we put in in Autumn, planting hundreds of bulbs, is now starting to show with bright green buds popping up, and we are clearing the veg beds ready to be planted up when the warmer weather arrives. 

And, with the coming of Spring, we turn to our most Spring-like scents. We talk about the power of scent a lot, here at GHFS (link). I won’t go into the science now, but it’s fascinating, more so than with any of our other senses, scent is a powerful way to affect your mood and change the atmosphere around you. 

The season of Spring

Spring is so very full of potential. Every Spring, without fail, the snowdrops, followed by the daffodils and then the tulips burst up. New growth. Fresh colour. After Winter, hope pops up irresistibly. 

So, how can Spring candles help us to connect to the hope, the joy, of the Spring season?

Our top three Spring scented candles

We’ve created a shortlist of our most Spring-like scents, with each highlighting something different of the season. To find the Spring Candle that’s perfect for you, read the descriptions below and see which resonates with you most. 

March ceramic spring scented candle

March - Bluebell and Moss 

Part of our Editions range, which is our month-by-month celebration of seasonal produce and flowers, March is quintessentially “Springy”. A light, fresh, but green and slightly damp scent, this Spring scented candle is reminiscent of strolls through woodlands with the bright sunlight that the season brings, becoming dappled and soft as it breaks through the canopy. With the cheery uplifting scent of Bluebell and the grounding earthiness of Moss, this Spring candle is the scent to turn to for a gentle awakening after Winter. After the season of hibernation indoors, the floral notes call you outside again and the deeper, mossy scents are reassuring as you venture out once again. 

Use this Spring Scented Candle to: 

Inspire you onwards and upwards again. Maybe burn it in the morning while you do your morning routine to help you look forward to the day and the season ahead. 


New Home - spring refillable candle


New Home - Linen, Lilac, Lavender and Pine 

Alongside Home and Hearth & Home, New Home completes our Signature range. All these scent recipes are written to create an atmosphere of home, and each one of them celebrates different aspects of what home means to us. New Home is a fresh, floral, green scent designed to evoke that “new home” smell. You know the one? One of co-founder Abbie’s favourite places is the laundry room, and this is a little bit like that. It’s a fresh, floral, clean scent, with Pine adding an enticing note of evergreen. 

Use this Spring Scented Candle to:

Induce that “spring clean” feeling. Spring inevitably brings with it thoughts of newness. It’s a beautiful time of the year to dream new dreams and plan new projects. So, use this calm but clearing scent to inspire you to leave the old behind and create space for the new. Whether it’s a literal Spring clean, or making time and space for a new hobby, New Home is the candle for you.

Spring candle

Spring ’24 - Freshly Cut Grass, Oakmoss, Dew-Coated Meadows 

We write a new recipe for the arrival of each season. While no two Springs are ever the same, none of our Spring Candles will ever be the same. Inspired by what the season brings and what we need each season, the recipe is a blend of evocative scents designed to help connect you to the season. This Spring’s scent is an unapologetically verdant, vibrant scent. The smell of freshly cut grass is at the same time invigorating and comforting with the nostalgia of freshly cut lawns. Rooted in the earthy Oakmoss, the floral notes call to mind the colourful blooms of the season, and lift the spirit. 

Use this Spring Scented Candle to:

Help you enjoy every single moment of Spring. Celebrate the retreat of Winter, but stay in the moment of Spring - don’t rush ahead, wishing for Summer. Let the floral notes pull your attention upwards and outwards - noticing all the joys that Spring brings, while staying rooted in the moment. 

Whichever Spring scented candle you turn to this season, we hope you find the joy of Spring in each and every day. 

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