Helpful scents when you're feeling overwhelmed

Helpful scents when you're feeling overwhelmed

There are some days when the feeling of overwhelm can be suffocating. At these times, scent can be a powerful ally in your fight to regain balance and sense of self. Use one of these four scents to help you breathe deep again.

Summer '23 Scented Candle in white ceramic pot with blue swoosh detail

Summer '23

When people sniff Summer '23, their shoulders visibly relax. It's a sweet, moreish, playful scent that helps you reclaim joy in stressful moments. 


Heal Scented Candle in ceramic pot with aqua glaze



Heal is a powerhouse of a candle. If your body is feeling the impact of overwhelm, with a muggy head, low mood and energy, Heal is for you.



Calm scented candle in teal and white ceramic pot


Calm is our antidote to overwhelm. Its scent signals your brain to slow down, calm down, breathe deep. It's a saviour on a day that feels like it's going to defeat you. 



Mar/ Apr: Bluebells and Dewy Moss

Nothing tackles overwhelm like connecting with the outdoors. This scent is a like a deep lungful of woody, green, sweet country air. Let is shift your focus away from those things crowding you in an instant. 

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